Baker’s Dozen Egg Carton, LLC is a partnership between BEACH Branding & Package Design (of NYC) and Willow Valley Farms (of Nebraska).



BEACH was founded in 1990 by my wife (Debby Davis) and me (Randy Ludacer).

I designed the Baker’s Dozen Egg Carton in 2012 to promote our firm’s packaging design talents. The concept garnered quite bit of interest and attention from egg producers and the general public.

The Huffington Post, for example, cited our carton in a post entitled, Creative Food Packaging Concepts We Wish Were Real.

“We love the Baker’s Dozen Egg Carton ... because it’s always better to have more eggs.”

Naturally, we wanted to grant their “wish” for the Baker Dozen Egg Carton to become real. But with limited magical powers we weren’t sure how to go about it. Clearly, there was a market for this egg carton. We were getting emails and phone calls about it all the time. But BEACH is a design firm. Our clients were the manufacturers. Not us!

But then, in January of 2015, we got a call in from Chad Wegener of Willow Valley Farms in Nebraska. Chad was calling to see if he could purchase some cartons. And I had to tell him what I’d told so many others: that the product did not yet exist.

The thing is, I had found a source for molded pulp egg cartons, but had not taken the next step. If he really wanted Baker’s Dozen Egg Cartons, I suggested to Chad, why not partner with us?


Willow Valley Farms

(Coming soon: The story of Willow Valley Farms)